Instant Leads…YES PLEASE!

Instagram is a better way of getting more engagement on your posts compared to Facebook & Twitter. You can also get more leads! And who doesn’t want FREE traffic to their blog or web page?

What would it mean for the growth of your business if you could get 4,000 targeted followers per month just using Instagram? Can you imagine the number of leads and sign ups you’ll get per day? These tips and tricks I am about to share can help you get there! Why should you use this cheat sheet you say…? Well…

1. You can use this as a guide to build an Instagram account or even re-vamp the one or ones you have currently.

2. You may have been searching for ways to increase your following or overall presence on Instagram, but nothing seems to be working.

3. Why not give this cheat sheet a shot…what do you have to lose? Exactly…NOTHING!


 Instagram Cheat Sheet

A Quick, Fun Guide to Grow Your Instagram Account

Let’s get started! The purpose of this cheat sheet is to help give you a leg up on how to navigate Instagram and of course grow your following! I did the research and through trail and error was able to build my following little by little. I hope that this cheat sheet will give you enough information to get started right away on Instagram and begin to build your presence and following TODAY!

Stats For Your Account

If you have a business, but not an Instagram business account, change what you are doing NOW!

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If you are using Instagram for your business, it is best to go ahead and upgrade your account to a business account. It’s completely FREE! The biggest advantage of having a business account is seeing your account analytics. With an Instagram business account, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights on each post (like impressions, reach, engagement), and you’ll see the number of profile views, website clicks etc for your account. You can see your top posts, best day and times to post to your audience, and more. And that’s great because all of that valuable analytics can help you fine-tune your Instagram strategy to gain more followers and leads. To upgrade your account to a business account, click the circular “Options” wheel at the top right of your screen, scroll down under ‘Account’, then click “Switch to Business Profile”.

Follow Me!!

Every follower needs a leader and every leader needs followers!

If you don’t have any followers, what’s the point… right? You need an audience and you need some members of your audience to become leads. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY FAKE FOLLOWERS! Fake followers will get your account banned and/or deleted quickly.

You need real followers and here are some ways to get them:

1. Follow your Facebook followers who are already on Instagram. Instagram actually suggests you do this when setting up your account. It’s as easy as a few clicks. But don’t worry, if you already have an account and haven’t done it yet, you can go back and do it now.

2. This is the big one…follow influencers in your niche then follow their active followers. So for example, if someone named “Success Online” is an influencer in the make money online world follow “Success Online” then go to his/her most recent pic and follow all the people who liked the pic. By following the ‘likers’, you’re making sure that you are following Success Online’s active (not passive) followers. There is a higher chance that active followers will follow you back. You can rinse and repeat this for as many pics on the profile as you’d like.

3. Be sure to take note of the fact that there are limits to the number of people you can follow on Instagram each day. That number may be about 300 people per day; however, nobody knows the actual number for sure since it’s never been revealed. However, the point is that you don’t over-follow or you risk getting your account restricted. Trust me, I have read about plenty of people getting their accounts restricted for about a week by over-following.



Sure, you will gain followers by following influencers and their followers however, if you really want to ‘amp’ up your ‘follow game’, you are going to have to interact with people on Instagram. You interact by liking AND commenting on other people’s pics. I say do this manually rather than have a robot do it. It will take some time, but by doing this, it shows the authenticity of your brand. Remember you are marketing yourself to you potential clients. Some people can tell who is using a robot for their comments and who is creating real responses. No one likes talking to an automated system either on the phone or on social media! This is your first impression that you make with your followers and potential leads…don’t mess it up by using a robot. That will detour them from you very quickly and they may possibly report you as well.


Content is king and what you say is its queen!

I’m sure you’ve heard it time and time again that content is king. What you say and the pictures that you post have to be valuable. Your posts should help your followers, make them feel great and inspired, or it should teach them something they didn’t know before. You DO NOT want your posts to be spammy. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use capture page pics for your entire profile. People are going to unfollow you quick and in a hurry. Your posts should be 90% value, and maybe 10% product. Either way, you want to eventually figure out what your followers like and post more of that.

Attraction Marketing

Law of Attraction = like attracts like!

If people like what you are posting, they will follow you. This law of attraction can be leveraged in marketing and especially in Instagram marketing. Also, remember that what you would like to see is probably what a lot of people would also like to see. And nobody wants to see “BUY THIS PRODUCT!”, “BUY THIS PRODUCT!”, “BUY THIS PRODUCT!” all the time. It goes back to making sure that you are posting valuable content.

Spice Up Your Pics

Show them off!!!


Apps like WordSwag and InstaSize as well as websites like Canva can really help you take your pics to the next level. There are many other great apps and websites for creating Instagram pics. All you need is a few minutes of research to discover them. P.S. Don’t forget to post videos along with pics. People like to see you and interact with you.


Find the most popular hashtags for your niche and use them!

Your pics are going to need exposure to get likes because more likes = more followers = more leads. Get the picture? Yes, pun intended. You need to up your hashtag game if you want to get more exposure. The maximum number of hashtags you can use for any one pic on Instagram is 30, but you do not need to use that many to get the exposure you are looking for. I use about 5-10 depending on the photo. To find the best hashtags for your niche, simply google (yes literally google) “Best Instagram hashtags for _______________” (insert niche here). Another cool trick would be to simply copy the most used hashtags of the influencers in your niche and use those.

When Is the Best Time To Post?

Have you ever did something and slayed it, but nobody was watching?

Yup, we have all done it. The point is that if you have awesome, beautiful pics and a lovely profile, but nobody is seeing them….then wouldn’t that be a waste of time? This is where having a business account and seeing your follower’s analytics comes in handy. Be sure to post during the times when your followers are the most engaged.

How Often Should I Post?

Consistency is key!

At least 3-5 times per day for a new Instagram account. Although, you can post once or twice per day and that is still good. Just make sure that you are posting something to show that you are active on Instagram or people will stop following you.

Make Your Posts Count!

You cannot, NO, you must not sit holding your phone all day. After all, you have a life…right?

Honestly, posting 3-5 times per day EVERY-SINGLE-DAY gets wearisome. TRUST ME… it does. So what you would want to do is take maybe 15-20 minutes at the start of your day and create your posts and schedule them. Schedule them for your followers’ optimum engagement times. (See ‘When To Post’). To schedule posts, I use an app called Apphi, but I’m sure there are many other scheduler apps for Instagram out there. Just research the best one for you!

How Dare You Unfollow Me?

Don’t take it personal, but people are going to unfollow and block you… it just happens 🙂

Instagram allows you to follow up to 7,500 users before you will have to start unfollowing. But how do you know who you should unfollow? Well, thankfully there is an app for that! Personally I use an app called “Followers”. Once you link your Instagram account to the app, you will be able to see your new followers, which users have unfollowed you, which users are not following you back, and more!

Once you get this app or a different one, you will want to start unfollowing:

1. The users who have already unfollowed you.
2. The users who have not followed you back for some time.

Direct Messages

Wait, I can actually send you a direct message? Yes indeed!!

So apparently a lot of people did not realize that you can send direct messages in Instagram. Well, you can and it’s great! You can use direct messages to reach out and interact with your followers. I have had some really great conversations through direct messaging because my messages are not spammy and you can build a relationship with people. This is another awesome way to build followers!



These were just a few tips and tricks that I have used to build my Instagram following. I hope that you found this cheat sheet valuable and that you are able to utilize some of the ideas shared here to build your Instagram account and start seeing some more sales. Good luck and don’t give up!

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