Social Interest Freak Review

Is Facebook not targeting down your audience enough when it comes to your Facebook ads? Well…have you heard of Social Interest Freak? It is a MUST HAVE tool for those individuals serious about Facebook marketing!

Social Interest Freak…What is it?

Social Interest Freak is a desktop application that helps you to create a laser target audience for your Facebook Ad campaigns. Before Social Interest Freak, Intersection and Exclusion Targeting were only available to high-end advertisers and select Facebook Marketing Partners, so as a regular user of the the Facebook Ads Manager (or the Power Editor), you could select more than one interest to target your audience, but Facebook would combine those interests together and create one big audience…which is not very helpful!

With Social Interest Freak, you would be able to gain more leads and ultimately more sales since it allows you to target people with all the interests you want and not the ones you do not want. For example, people would have to apply to interest 1 AND interest 2 AND interest 3 which in turn would create a (much) smaller, but laser targeted audience resulting in a higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of your ads. This would then decrease your ad costs and increase your ROI and who doesn’t want more money in their pockets?

How does Social Interest Freak works?

Step 1: Create a new Adset in your Facebook Ads Manager just like you always do by entering your audience name and select your targeting options as locations, age, gender, and languages. Now you either pick your interests, behaviors, and demographics to target from within the Facebook Ads Manager or select them later in SIF.

Step 2: Copy the Adset ID and past it into SIF. Now your Ad settings will be uploaded into SIF.

Step 3: Select and Copy the targets to the Targeter Tab with one click. Now in the Targeter Tab you can set the (Intersection and Exclusion) rules you want to apply for your interests, behaviors, and demographics.

Step 4: If satisfied with your selection settings, click the “Update to Adset” button and automatically your settings will be displayed and renewed in your Facebook Ads Manager. You can also use the operators on all your Interests, Demographics, Behaviors and Advanced targeting selections too!

It is that simple!

Here are the main features of Social Interest Freak:

  • Adobe Air Desktop software.–> allows you to use this application on both Mac and PC.
  • Simple and Effective User Interface. –>This software is super easy to use, no experience needed.
  • Interests Intersection and Exclusion filter.
  • Demographics filtering. –>Filter your target audience even further by School, Education, Employer, and Job Title.
  • Behavior Targeting.–> Drill down on behaviors (Digital Activities, Mobile Devices, Seasonal and Events, Travel, etc).
  • Advanced Targeting.–> Dig even deeper by advanced targeting on Life Events, Politics, Industries, Income, Net Worth, Home Type, Ethic affinity and so much more!
  • Fully integrated with Facebook API and fully compliant with Facebook TOS!


Still not sure if you should give this product a try? Well…check out this quick demo video so you can see first hand how Social Interest Freak works!

Interested in buying Social Interest Freak? Click here!


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